Health Care HR Week- Thank You To Our Team

The week of March 12 – 18, 2017, has been designated to recognize human resources professionals in health care organizations across the nation for their important role across the continuum of care.

Therapy Center is grateful for our Human Resource team and the support they provide in their roles, serving our company. From hiring staff to enrolling in benefits, we know the world in which they operate is ever-changing. Not only do they have to be attentive to legislative changes on benefits, salaries, workplace accommodations, safety, and documentation requirements, but they also help us by providing avenues for us to invest our money (401k, Health Savings Accounts) and protect our well-being at the most affordable rates possible (health insurance, life insurance, short-term disability, etc). We would like to say thank you!!

To our Recruiting Team, thank you for:

  • Scouring through hundreds of resumes to find teammates to fill our staffing needs
  • Traveling across the country to put our company name out there and find future teammates
  • Spending countless hours completing paperwork to ensure those we hire have all necessary documents

To our Human Resource and Payroll Team, thank you for:

  • The hours on the phone and emails sent to understand our circumstances and how it impacts our benefits
  • Searching for the most competitive benefits packages available
  • Thinking outside the box to provide options to meet the needs of our company
  • Embracing change and seeking solutions that utilize technology to meet the demands of our workforce

To our Safety Team:

  • Keeping Therapy Center one of the Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation’s (LWCC) safest places to work
  • Understanding the many regulations that impact our safety at work
  • Being accessible when an injury does occur

You all make a tremendous impact on our lives and we thank you for your hard work and dedication.

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