Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

In appreciation of Administrative Professionals Day, Therapy Center would like to recognize those in our company that go above and beyond every day to make the business tasks of our daily operations run smoothly.

While many of us at the Therapy Center focus on the rules and regulations of patient care, ICD-10, and new techniques to improve the outcomes of the patients we work with, there is another group of individuals that are focused on an entirely different set of regulations and operations that are necessary to make our business run smoothly.

To our office assistants, managers, and billing teams, thank you for knowing who to contact and direct our customers and employees to when questions arise. Thank you for managing the schedules for our patients. Your positive attitude is contagious and we thank you for the atmosphere you create in our offices.

To our payroll and financial teams, thank you for knowing our company policies, reimbursement mechanisms, governmental policies for taxes, codes of all expenditures. Thank you for helping us when we have questions about our time-off balances, CEU qualifications, purchasing questions, or changes impacting our livelihood.

To our marketing team, thank you for your efforts in our community to build brand awareness and business relationships. You ensure our business efforts are aligned with various media outlets to help share the consistent message of the fantastic services we have to offer patients along any point in the continuum of care.

To our human resource and recruiting teams, thank you for staying well-informed of all of the federal and state regulations and forms for staffing, hiring, and providing insurance and benefits for our TTC family. We would not know where to start without you.

 “I know I speak on behalf of all managers, directors, owners, and mentors when I say… THANK YOU. You all impact our company in a tremendous way. Your expertise and skills are an invaluable asset to Therapy Center!” – Julie Neal, Executive Vice President of Administration.

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