Geared Up For Change: Is Your Therapy Provider Supporting Your Facility?

rubyshaneAccording to, Louisiana has 280 certified Medicare and Medicaid nursing homes. It is a growing trend for nursing facilities to serve as short stay rehab settings for patients recovering from illness, surgery, and/or hospitalization. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to provide this service to our communities! What many nursing home administrators underestimate is the key ingredient in this equation…their rehab team.


A good therapy company can significantly increase admits when word gets around that great results are being achieved. By the same token, the wrong rehab company can leave reimbursement on the table, have a poor presence in your home, and contribute to poor community perceptions. Nursing home therapy is not what it used to be. It is imperative for SNF facilities to be staffed with enough rehab professionals to be able to handle the needs of the entire facility.

The Therapy Center employs salaried therapists in all disciplines, PT, OT, and ST, who remain consistent within each home. We also have floating staff who are on hand to handle fluctuations in caseload, ensuring that there is never a need that cannot be met. With Therapy Center, our partner facilities also have access to our compliance and education teams, whom manage and fight denials, review and standardize documentation of therapists, and provide high quality education to therapists and nursing home staff. It is the expectation of the Therapy Center that our employees practice utilizing evidence based treatment techniques and provide the highest quality geriatric rehabilitation services. In addition, our partner facilities benefit from Therapy Center’s active marketing department. Our marketers and educators have teamed up to bring information, regarding the SNF role in reducing hospital readmissions, to hospitals and rehab facilities statewide. It is our goal to create networks of support to maximize delivery of services to the elderly population.

We are existing in a time of change; it is time for nursing home facilities to establish domain as critical care providers, and to maximize reimbursement allotted for the services we provide. Do you trust that your therapy provider is capable of stepping up to the challenge and helping your facility stand out amongst the rest?

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Danielle Keyser, LOTR
Director of Education

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