Excellent Documentation Skills Recognized: The Therapy Center Difference

Therapy documentation is a priority at the Therapy Center. Not only is it vital for the overall well being of patients, but also in integral for the quality of care patients receive. Documentation can be a challenge for therapists because it requires time and can be the most tedious part of their job. Each patient is unique in terms of their illness or injury and the documentation of treatment must tell a story that represents each decision and method of treatment along the healing journey.

The Therapy Center Difference

Therapy Center is dedicated to training and education for our therapy teams. The goal is to achieve accurate documentation that can be completed efficiently and on-time. In 2009, our Education Department introduced a compliance program that recognizes therapists who excel at abiding by documentation standards that are set forth by Therapy Center.

What we’ve come to see through this program is:

  • When we are committed and focus our attention on providing quality patient care and translate that treatment to our documentation, we win and the patients win too!
  • The result of this program has meant a stronger Therapy Center dedicated to making a difference!
  • We can recognize the importance of quality documentation WITHOUT compromising quality patient care.

2015 Results

It is our pleasure and privilege to congratulate to our team of therapists at Savoy Care Center for being recognized as the top documenters among all nursing home therapists company-wide! Nathan Boudreaux- PTA, Lisa Boudreaux- PT, Kayla Bruce- OT, Ashly Perkins- ST, and Danita Tate- Tech.

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