OT Spotlight: Greta Bordelon

Greta BordelonIn honor of OT month, we wanted to share testimonials on one of the many occupational therapists who has made a special impact on the lives of her patients.

Greta Bordelon, who is an occupational therapist in our Marksville outpatient clinic, Lemoine Therapy Services, was recognized by two patients whom she treated.  She has been with Lemoine Therapy for five years and her compassion and love for her work has kept patients coming back to our outpatient clinic.  Greta is a great example of the outstanding employees we pride ourselves on having on our team.  Here is what her patients had to say regarding the care they received from Greta.

Pamela Tassin

“I had an injury at work last year.  My surgery was January 9, 2015.  I started occupational therapy with Greta seven weeks after my surgery.  I could not use my right side at all, and within two weeks I had so much improvement.  I was very shocked, I did not expect so much improvement so quickly.  Greta is professional in every way.  She is compassionate and patient with all of her patients.  I am a nurse so I have seen many health care workers as they take care of patients, but I have to say Greta is one of the best!” -Pamela Tassin

Janelle Smith

“I had surgery on March 26, 2015 and began occupational therapy with Lemoine Therapy.  Greta Bordelon has been an angel.  She has worked on and done OT on my elbow three times a week.  She does an EXCELLENT JOB!  Her caring and concern really makes me feel great even on days when my arm hurts.  She has a way of making every day a great day.  Thank y’all for having Greta on y’all’s staff.  She is the best!” -Janelle Smith

Thank you, Greta, for being such a great representation of Therapy Center and Lemoine Therapy Services.

To learn more about the impact our team has made on other patients, visit the testimonials section of our website.


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