Employee Spotlight: Dodie Jones

Dodie Jones--employee spotlightTherapy Center recently received a letter of appreciation from a former patient of Valley View Health Care.  Mr. Rob Turner attributes his success and recovery to the therapy team at Valley View.

Mr. Turner was admitted to Valley View on May 15, 2015 subsequent to successful L2-L3 spinal stenosis surgery by Dr. Ilyas Munshi at Lafayette General Hospital.  Post-surgery, he had no control or feeling in both legs.  When he began therapy at Valley View, he was confined to a wheel chair and had to make supervised wheel chair transfers on a board.

After about eleven weeks of intense therapy by Therapy Center’s skilled and dedicated team, Mr. Turner is able to utilize a walker to get around and able to take steps without a walker for a short periods of time.  He wrote a special note about one particular therapist that helped him on the way to his recovery.

“There are some additional comments I would like to make regarding my therapy at Valley View Health Center.  I would be remiss if I did not include my interaction with the therapists and what I consider extra effort by Dodie Jones.

As time passed I feel like I became friends with all of the therapists.  We discussed various issues including therapy activities, family experiences, shared family photos, joked with each other, and other interpersonal issues.  Being in such a friendly atmosphere definitely contributed to me wanting to be in therapy and working towards everything I could do toward a recovery.

Just by nature of the therapy, I spent more one-on-one time with Dodie Jones.   My safety and recovery was obvious and ever present in her mind and behavior.  Ms. Jones improvised safe activities, like steps and leg squats, to simulate my home needs. Several times she commented that she had another idea during the night. She also introduced Electrical Muscle Stimulation therapy to first improve my thigh muscle tone and then to strengthen my left knee that was chronically giving out and folding when I was walking.  I do not know if the EMS therapy is a common treatment with most therapy activities, but it sure helped me.  Because of the results, I have purchased an EMS unit and am using it at home to continue the treatment.  Ms. Jones’ ideas and dedication certainly impacted my therapy.

Ms. Jones is definitely an asset to Therapy Center.”

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