Employee Spotlight: Brittany F., M.A. CCC-SLP

“It is an extremely precious gift to be able to express oneself. I am not sure there was one moment I can recall having a revelation about this career choice. However, after working with people who have Parkinson’s disease, hearing loss, ALS, TBI, stroke, autism, laryngectomy patients, etc., my experience has only confirmed my career choice as a calling,” Brittany F., Speech Language-Pathologist.

Brittany currently works in a variety of nursing home settings for Therapy Center, starting her day at one nursing home and often ending her day at another one.  She is busy checking on her patients and coordinating care with nursing home staff and fellow therapists alike to ensure the best care possible for each and every patient.

“An example of a moment I experienced recently was with a patient who suffered an anoxic brain injury leaving her with significant physical debilitation.  Upon entering the nursing home, the patient was unable to speak due to chronic tracheostomy.  I immediately began working with her and implemented the Passy Muir valve.  During treatment sessions, my patient was able to communicate with her husband and tell him she loved him – something she had not verbally communicated in a year.  I quietly observed this husband and wife sob and whisper sweet nothings to each other.  It was an intimate, emotionally charged moment for all of us, and I realized this is why I am here – to help other people just like me, just like my mom, just like my neighbor – to maintain human connections and express the most basic needs of life.”

Brittany has an authentic desire to help people, which makes her such a great teammate, therapist, and true asset to Therapy Center.

“She is a compassionate, creative and knowledgeable speech therapist.  She has great ideas when faced with challenging dementia patients in the nursing home setting.  Her patients love her as well as all of her co-workers.  It’s so great to have her on our team,” says Danielle R, Physical Therapist Assistant and teammate.

“One thing I would say others would be surprised to learn about this career is the scope of practice of the speech-language pathologist.  Many people have a limited understanding of what we do.  SLPs work on so much more than expressive language.  We work with newborns and every stage of life including the geriatric population.  Our caseloads can include articulation disorders, behavior management, feeding and nutrition, reading/writing, stroke, swallowing, deaf/hard of hearing, accent modification, traumatic brain injury, and the list goes on and on,” says Brittany.

When she’s not busy taking care of patients, Brittany also writes.  She recently started a blog, speechonearth.blog, as an outlet of creative expression.

“The best part of my job is that everyday is different.  I am consistently challenged to grow as a clinician, as a team member, and as a person.  Each patient that enters the therapy department is unique and requires an individualized therapeutic approach.  My job allows me the flexibility to further my education of evidence-based interventions, collaborate with staff and an interdisciplinary team, and reinvent myself as a speech-language pathologist every day to better serve the nursing home community.”

Therapists like Brittany are what sets Therapy Center apart from the rest.  We treat everyone like family whether your a patient, family member of a patient, or employee.  If your interested in joining our work family, please visit the career opportunities tab on our website www.therapyctr.com.


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