Celebrating Athletic Trainers: Overuse Injury Awareness

During the month of March, we continue to celebrate Therapy Center’s team of Athletic Trainers (ATs). Overuse injuries account for nearly half of all sports related injuries and are a key focus area for those in the field of sports medicine.

Why Do Overuse Injuries Occur?

According to stopsportsinjuries.com, “The human body has a tremendous capacity to adapt to physical stress. We tend to think of “stress” in the context of its negative effect on our emotional wellbeing, but physical stress, which is simply exercise and activity, is beneficial for our bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, making them stronger and more functional. This happens because of an internal process called remodeling. The remodeling process involves both the breakdown and buildup of tissue. There is a fine balance between the two, and if breakdown occurs more rapidly than buildup, an overuse injury occurs.”

Tips from our Athletic Trainers

It is recommended that you seek the advice of a sports medicine specialist or certified athletic trainer when beginning an exercise program or sport to prevent chronic or recurrent problems. According to Christin Crader, LAT, ATC here are some general things to keep in mind when training or playing sports.

  1. Always practice with correct form. If an athlete does not know correct form, it is important to ask a coach for assistance. Correct form should be used during practice and game situations.
  2. Know that everyday does not need to be a ‘full-force’ day. Rest days are just as important as game intensity days.
  3. Stretching is very important. Dynamic stretching before practices and games help prep the body for activity.
  4. Work on sport-specific activities equally. Do not over work one particular area more than the other unless it is required by that sport.
  5. Core strengthening is more important than one may think. Core activation can help prevent numerous injuries, especially back injuries.

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