Benefits of Physical Therapy: Third Trimester

Do you wish that you were better prepared for the changes that your body will undergo through the next nine months of pregnancy? Our physical therapist, Kassy Zerangue, knows the motherhood journey well. She developed the tips below to help moms understand some of the body changes they can expect to see when they’re expecting.

Third Trimester Tips

Congratulations! You have made it so far and officially in the homestretch of this pregnancy journey. Here are some recommendations by our physical therapist, Kassy, on what you can expect for the last trimester of pregnancy.

During the third trimester, you may continue to experience worsening postural changes, and also notice a little waddle in your walk. You can expect your hips and legs will keep getting tighter if you aren’t working on flexibility. Additionally, low back pain can continue to worsen as you have more demands on your posture and more weight through the spine. Episodes of incontinence can worsen as the belly keeps growing. Breathing is also becoming more difficult now since your diaphragm doesn’t have as much room to move.

But have no fear, your little bundle of joy is almost here! And it will all be worth it.

    1. Be assessed for posture, cardiovascular endurance, and core strength. Looking to decrease symptoms of pain, shortness of breath, improve bowel mobility, and prepare for labor? Check out our first trimester tips for suggestions.
      • Added assessment for diastasis recti to see if the abdominal muscles are separating due to being stretched and ways to minimize this plus tips on how to start strengthening your core muscles again after birth.
    2. Learn positions to decrease pressure on low back and help relieve symptoms.
    3. Learn how to use breath effectively while pushing.
    4. Prepare the body for the different labor positions.

Watch our video below to see these tips in action!

If you would like to learn more about the tips discussed in this article, we are here to help! Make sure to follow our Facebook page for more tips like this and reach out to one of our clinics today for recommendations. Always consult with your doctor before starting any new exercises.


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