Bayou Vista Success Story: Ms. Patsy Goudeaux

Ms. Patsy Goudeaux came to Bayou Vista Community Care Center in 2014, and for two years she was bed bound and isolated in her room.  She refused therapy and refused to get out and socialize with other residents in the facility due to embarrassment of her limitations.  Although Ms. Patsy resisted, the Therapy Center team of therapists would not give up.

“It took a team effort between us and therapy to get her up and out of bed.  I kept telling her, there is life outside of these four walls,” says Candy Johnson, Director of Nursing at Bayou Vista.

After taking some time to develop a relationship with Ms. Patsy, our therapists finally succeeded in getting her out of bed.  The occupational therapist and certified occupational therapy assistant would make frequent visits to Ms. Patsy’s room, working with her to build up her strength and eventually got her moving outside of those four walls.

“It is therapy that did it.  If it wouldn’t be for them, I would still be in bed, unable walk.  I knew that I needed to get up, and I knew I needed therapy.  One day I decided to just do it,” says Ms. Patsy.

Ms. Patsy had the most difficulty with endurance because she was in bed for so long and would tire out easily.  When therapy started working with her to sit up and strengthen her core, and then transferring to a wheelchair, they knew that they needed to get her out of the room to maximize potential.

“Once I saw that she was making progress in her room, I told Ms. Patsy that she would have to get dressed and come to the therapy room to continue therapy.  After our discussion, she decided that she would get up, get dressed, and go down to the therapy room that next Monday.  Sure enough Monday rolled around and there she was!  She hasn’t missed since and is doing amazing,” says Candy, COTA.

“I can walk again and I feel less tired.  I love to drink coffee, and now I can sit up and drink my coffee.”

“She was one of the people I had major involvement with since I first started with Therapy Center.  Everyone that knew Ms. Patsy before when she was bed bound is shocked to see her roaming the halls now.  They all compliment her, which gives me a compliment.  It is such a great feeling knowing I helped make such an impact on her life,” says Candy, COTA.

“Therapy did me so much good.  I like to go and meet with friends, which is something that I really didn’t care to do before.  Now I care to see them, and I want to get out.  Therapy helped me a lot,” explains Ms. Patsy.

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