Bayou Chateau Success Story: Mr. McVea

Mr. McVea came to Bayou Chateau Nursing Center following coronary artery bypass surgery which limited his ability to complete daily living tasks safely and effectively at home.  Prior to his surgery, Mr. McVea was living at home independently, so his goal was to regain his strength and health in order to return home.

“Upon beginning therapy, Mr. McVea was very tired and had difficulty remembering new information. However, he was motivated to work hard and participate to achieve goals,” recalled Brittany, M.A., CCC-SLP for Therapy Center.

“When I first met him, he was very pleasant, compliant, and motivated to return home. I remember thinking to myself  – I have never seen someone do so well after open heart surgery,”” stated Jennifer, certified occupational therapist assistant for Therapy Center.

Although Mr. McVea was sore from surgery, he pushed himself to attend sessions. He was eager to complete all activities and exercises, and he applied the the skills he learned outside of therapy sessions. Throughout his treatment duration, Mr. McVea was the first patient in the rehab department every morning and his improvements were immediately visible.

“The therapists here provide amazing treatment!  They know what they are doing and what I needed.  I have received great treatment and awesome results,” exclaimed Mr. McVea.

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with an individual who truly loves life. Mr. McVea always wore a smile and cheered on the other patients in therapy. We are sad to see him leave, but so very proud of his accomplishments and ability to return home,” says Brittany.

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