A Step Closer to Home: Marketing Boosts Census

Increased scrutiny on inpatient rehabilitation and acute hospitals has left a large population of elderly patients with limited options for a successful and independent return to home. Therapy Center provides significant education and marketing to ensure that local physicians and hospitals are aware of the interim need that skilled nursing facilities can fulfill.

The secret to successful utilization of therapy in the SNF setting is obtaining a therapy census that will necessitate a full-time therapy team in your facility, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

At Therapy Center, we work with our partner facilities to determine top referring hospitals and physicians in order to tailor a marketing strategy that will help build and maintain a strong Part A census. Patients who possess the desire and potential to successfully return home are great candidates for a successful short-term rehab stay. There is no greater testament to the success of a SNF therapy program than a patient who has come into the facility unable to live independently and returned home to spread their success story to the community. These patients have a positive impact on RUG levels as well as facility morale and overall participation in therapy.

With the help of our partner facilities, Therapy Center has implemented private rooms, therapy gyms, the use of specialized equipment — including hydraulic standing frames, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and a variety of other treatment approaches, to maximize progress with therapy. In addition, our full-time therapy team is readily available to your patients all day.

Thus far, we have achieved as high as an 83% success rate in returning patients with a goal of going home, back to their residence. Because of our dynamic approach to rehabilitating geriatric patients, Therapy Center has received positive feedback from physicians, hospitals, families and discharge planners. We remain committed to providing exceptional care to our patients and thorough communication of patient progress to the appropriate referral sources.

Take a few minutes to watch this short video of one of our many success stories and contact Therapy Center to learn how our therapy program can benefit your nursing home or even help one of your loved ones return home successfully after a recent hospitalization.

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