2017 – Let’s Get Healthy Part 2

Hopefully you read our first blog in 2017 about getting healthy. Today, we are building on the theme and presenting additional tips to help you achieve your goals and live a healthy lifestyle. As mentioned before, focusing on a few activities a month can help shape your approach to healthy eating, fitness, mental, and sleep habits. This month, we would like to focus on exercise as it is a key component to healthy living.

It is important to remember that quality over quantity is true when it comes to exercising. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Exercise– Exercising every day has been proven by research to bring tremendous health benefits, including increasing your life span, lowering risks of diseases, weight loss, and a higher bone density. You can easily incorporate exercise into your daily routine by choosing to park further from your office or taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Jake Duhon, Therapy Center’s Director of Sports Medicine, Clinic Manager, and ATC shares some great words of wisdom.”Keep in mind, exercise does not only help in weight management, stress relief, and heart wellness — it also assists in injury prevention. Throughout the day most people perform routine movement patterns. These patterns over time can create overuse injuries, however with a balanced exercise routine and strategic strengthening exercises, some of these overuse injuries can be avoided.”
  2. Pick exercises you enjoy and work out different body parts Exercise isn’t about suffering and burning your body out. It is more about being healthy and improving your lifestyle. If you pick exercises you enjoy, you will naturally want to do them. Don’t rely solely on cardio (jogging/running)…add in fun dance classes, sports you enjoy, or weightlifting. It is also suggested by Therapy Center’s Director of Sports Medicine, Jake Duhon, to choose exercises you are willing to stick with and those that provide balance. “The more mindful you are in balancing out exercises, the less likely those same exercises will cause injury. Keep in mind, your body will only be as strong as your weakest link. If there is an area of your body that is not exposed to exercises, it can create strength imbalance and weakness leading to injury.”

Now let’s get going! Tomorrow is NOT a better day to start. We look forward to sharing more next month!

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