2017 Helping Hands and Leader Spotlight: Service Is Part Of Our Culture

It’s no secret that Therapy Center has the BEST team of professionals in the business! We know that it’s our wonderful group of dedicated, hard-working team members who make us who we are. We want to take time each quarter to recognize just a few of our many awesome team members who consistently go above and beyond their job duties and set an example of leadership and team work for us all.

Alice, SLP has been a critical asset to Therapy Center as a floater and now as the primary therapist at one of our contracted facilities. She has worked weekends and at two facilities on her day off as we work to find a new SLP. She is always willing to help however she can and has been a critical asset in managing SLP related matters. She does an excellent job with patient care and communicating with a multitude of therapists and 2 mentors. We are fortunate to have Alice on our team!

Angie is an integral part of not only the OT department at our contracted facility but the therapy team as a whole. She is a team player and never hesitates to jump in and lend a helping hand. She has traveled to Shreveport to cover a facility while another OT was on vacation. Angie provides patient specific hands on treatments to her patients and has helped start a bathing program at our contracted facility. Thank you for all you do to make the therapy department stellar, we appreciate you Angie!

Jim is a certified athletic trainer that continues to be a mainstay in our outpatient clinic and sports medicine department. Jim has done a great job of providing outstanding sports medicine care to our area athletes and has been a great help to our clinic. In particular, Jim has been key in communicating with local orthopedist in setting appointments up, gathering op. reports, and setting up physician surgery observation for our PT students. Thanks Jim for everything you do!

Lauren, SLP serves a vital role as a floater at Therapy Center. She has done an excellent job aiding therapists in the Lafayette area as well as other more remote facilities. She demonstrates a positive attitude and readily communicates any spare time when patient care hours assigned to her do not fill her day. She has reached out to mentors and offered additional travel to keep herself busy. Lauren has an excellent rapport with patients, mentors and peers. We appreciate her enthusiasm and awareness of efficiency.

Mary Beth is a fantastic OT that truly exemplifies what it is to be an Occupational Therapist. She is ADL driven, goes with the flow, and is not afraid to get her hands dirty (or her name tag or shoes). She is adored by her residents and teammates, as she is always happy to help. Mary Beth is also a vital part of the therapy team which has the highest “Rehab to Home” rate in the area.  She works hard every day and always with a smile on her face! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to the OT profession!

Roshelle, PTA has been an employee of TTC for 10 years and continues to show dedication and loyalty to TTC and her patients. She is a very thorough when treating her patients and always on time with completing documentation. She is always willing to help out at any nursing home and will often contact mentor to place her where needed when she has extra time. She is a good team player working together with team daily providing dynamic treatment for her residents. Thank you Roshelle for all your help and dedication. We appreciate you so much!

Selenea serves on our outpatient clinic team and has years of healthcare experience, and although she has only been with our company for a short time, she has definitely made an impression that is representative of our company’s core values. She embraces the environment we hold in high regard in terms of patient care and patient satisfaction. She has been eager to learn all she can in order to do the best job she can with anything given to her. She is dependable and reliable. She cares for everyone she works with like they are family. Selenea has a great rapport with our patients and takes it upon herself to make sure patients are comfortable and well-taken care of. She is extremely compassionate with all of our patients, even taking it upon herself to find donations of furniture for a patient that had nothing. Selenea we are so glad your path has crossed with ours and we are looking forward to you being part of our TTC family for years to come.

Shelly has been with TTC for 15 years. She has worked in a variety of roles since she started with the company, from nursing home tech, clinic tech, to now serving in her current role as Clinic Coordinator. Shelly primarily handles the intake of new patients in one of our outpatient clinics. In addition, she helps to coordinate client relations among all of our clinics with the 700+ insurance companies we work with. To hear Shelly on the phone with a new patient, you would imagine every patient she talks to is a long lost relative. Shelly is a wealth of information in regards to getting our patients into therapy as well as the various approval processes to allow our patients to continue therapy. With the ever changing healthcare landscape, you can imagine this is quite a feat!

Tiffany, OT has impressed all of her co-workers with her strong work ethic and reliability. Tiffany is a team player and works well with all disciplines. Tiffany often helps in other areas and exceeds typical expectations of staff therapists.  Tiffany performs extra tasks and duties without being asked, and is usually one of the first team members to step up and offer assistance.   Tiffany has strong ADL training skills and incorporates her knowledge and skill set with each patient on her caseload. The patients are often complimentary of Tiffany and love working with her.  Thanks for all you do Tiffany, your teams and patients appreciate you!!


Candi Cooley, SLP/Mentor


Candi is a Speech Therapist who serves as mentor for our teams at Savoy Care Center, Basile Nursing Home, Gueydan Memorial and Jeff Davis Living Center. She has been with Therapy Center for almost 10 years and has blessed us with her many talents and genuineness along the way.

Candi is a dedicated wife and mom. Candi and her husband Cody have 3 kids.


“Candi is an invaluable member of our team, who leads quietly by setting a great example for her co-workers and contributing both behind the scenes and on the front lines by lending a hand to treat alongside the therapists’ she mentors.”

“Candi is a wonderful mentor as well as a great friend. She will fight for her employees and for her patients.”

“It’s rare that you come across a person as skillful, generous, approachable, and genuinely interested in others and their well-being as Candi.”

“Candi is a wonderful mentor. She is always doing her mentor duties along with treating patients on a daily basis. She always comes to work happy and provides a positive work attitude.”

“Candi is the best person ever. She’s our boss, but better than a boss. She treats us as her equals and is right by our side when treating our patients.”

“One of the many things that are great about Candi is that she does everything with a smile on her face.”

“Candi Cooley is a mentor that loves the homes that she manages, and she is committed to the fundamentals that The Therapy Center was founded upon. She is a model for humanity and reminds us that it is more gratifying to give than to receive.”

“Candi ALWAYS goes above and beyond for her patients as well as her team! Couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. She makes working for TTC extra enjoyable!”

“Candi is compassionate towards her staff and her patients and often goes above and beyond what is reasonable to most to meet the needs of her facilities, patients and staff. Christmas morning she and her family can be found at Basile Care Center delivering gifts and hot chocolate rather than rushing to open their own gifts and her son even got to be “Santa” this year.  We are blessed to have her on our team.”

“There are so many wonderful things I could say about Candi- she is just one of those special people who makes you feel as though you’ve known her forever the first time you meet her.”

“Candi is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever encountered!!! She cares more about her patients than anyone I know and it is truly refreshing to be able to work with her.”

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