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    • Lemoine Therapy is a one in a million therapy center. When I first started, I couldn’t walk without pain. Now I enjoy walking in the stores and being able to go back to church. They gave me so much courage. It took a lot of hard work and patience and they never gave up on […]

      —Yolanda Johnson

    • Therapy Center is superior to any company we have ever worked with…and has been key in helping us to achieve our goals. Both quality and profitability have soared since Therapy Center joined our team. I could give no higher recommendation than I would to this company.

      —Bob Hensgens, Administrator Savoy Care Center, Mamou, LA

    • Therapy Center has been with us for the past 7½ years now. They are very involved and committed to providing education and training for our staff and holistic care for our residents. They help us keep up with current issues in the skilled nursing arena, and have assisted us tremendously during the transition period of […]

      —Pam Firmin, Administrator Colonial Nursing Home, Marksville, LA & Hessmer Nursing Home, Hessmer, LA

    • Where do we begin? Each of you has been there for the Rogers family for a long time. From therapy, prayers, visits, the cookies; each of you has played an important part in our life.

    • My family and I have been using the services of Lemoine Therapy since it opened in Marksville. We needed therapy following hip/ knee replacements and back/neck surgeries. We could not ask for more dedicated, compassionate and professional care near to home. The office staff as well as the therapy staff have been sensitive to our […]

      —Gail Guillot Moulard

    • We started together in August 2002. I liked the way that the Therapy Center staff communicated with my residents – they had the same personal touch that I had. It was a hand-in-hand partnership, and we grew together. Now, almost a decade later, our future is very bright. Therapy Center has kept the small, hometown […]

      —Gerard Lacour, Administrator Tri-Community Nursing Home, Palmetto, LA and Bayou Chateau Nursing Center, Simmesport, LA

    • Thank you for your professionalism and for your cheerfulness. God has blessed you with those gifts, and He has blessed me with you!

    • I truly feel that the Therapy Center is the best place that I have ever worked. Therapy Center is a company that is family oriented with team centered staff, flexible schedules and is a company that believes in the quality of care for their patients. I feel blessed to be a part of Therapy Center […]

      —Brooke Normand

    • I would like to thank all the staff of the Therapy Center for being so kind and very professional when I was a patient. I am able to do more activities now. I would surely recommend the Therapy Center to anyone-and if I ever need again, I will return to the Therapy Center.  My respect […]

      —Father Charles McMillin

    • Thank You, Thank You. One more time Thank You for the caring help that your group gave me during my treatment at your clinic.

    • Thank all of you for the physical therapy which was done to make this “old” body feel new again. I am very pleased with all the staff…Your friendship, your smiles and kind words. I will recommend your Therapy Center to my family and friends. 

      —Beverly Ardoin

    • “When I started with Therapy Center, we were a group of 9. We have grown over the years, but continually strive to keep a very close-knit work family, which leads me to the best thing about my job – being around such a great group of people on a daily basis.”

      —Elisha Neal Duhon

    • I chose Lemoine Therapy after a total knee replacement in 2013. That decision has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The staff at Lemoine Therapy are so professional and compassionate. They always greet you with a smile and work with you and an individual basis. The staff not only help you, […]

      —Connie B. Couvillon, Clerk of Court, Avoyelles Parish

    • Ronald had a hemorrhagic CVA and was in rehab for 4 months. When he began here at Lemoine Therapy, he was in a wheelchair. He faced many challenges but with the dedication and encouragement of the therapists, he steadily improved. Before long he was walking with a hemi walker while he gained strength and stamina. […]

      —Family of Ronald Juneau

    • I have been coming to wound therapy for several months. All of the staff have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable during my treatments. They stay in contact with my doctor to make sure they are using the right treatment, and make all the changes he recommends. Happy to say I […]

      —Alice Roy

    • Your facility and all who work there are professional, well-equipped, and very knowledgeable. I was so pleased with my recovery and so was the doctor. He was very impressed.

      —Linda Neal

    • Keep up what y’all are doing! You not only healed/stopped the pain, but made me stronger physically and mentally! Thank you so much!

      —April Sensat

    • Your staff is top notch. Although the place was very busy, your staff works together and does excellent therapy. Because of them I was back to work just 4 weeks after surgery.

      —Wendel P. Bellon

    • We could not be more pleased. Since placing [Therapy Center] in our facilities I have seen an improvement in resident satisfaction, family satisfaction, therapy utilization, as well as profitability due to increased utilization. This company makes going above and beyond an expectation of their employees. Therapy Center is one of the best business decisions I […]

      —Brian Hensgens, Administrator Acadia St. Landry Guest Home, Church Point, LA

Customized rehab care programs for nursing homes.


Therapy Center understands that no two nursing homes are alike, and that each patient population is unique. So, why settle for a “cookie cutter” therapy program? Therapy Center believes that because your facility has its own systems and protocols, it is vital that your therapy program be adapted and individualized to best meet your needs. We work with you to design a custom rehab care program that increases quality and profitability, while maintaining a focus on education, collaboration, and compliance.


Provide Excellent Therapy Management

Therapy Center uses a close proximity management style. More managers + fewer facilities = increased attention to your business. We strongly believe in dedicating full-time staff to our partner facilities. Employing full-time, salaried therapists allows staff to manage caseloads and cultivates relationships with nursing home staff. We believe in heavily staffing our facilities to allow for extra help when caseloads are high, making sure that supervision standards are always maintained.


Maximize Financial Reimbursement

We believe in becoming an integral part of each facility we service, and feel that it is critical to work with our facilities to develop programs and strategies to effectively maximize financial reimbursements, maintain achieved RUG levels and ensure that both nursing and therapy documentation are supportive of the level of care being provided. Our record keeping software allows us to efficiently document and schedule patients, export electronic bills, and maximize reimbursement of RUG levels. In turn, this system provides your administration and our staff with more precise information about each patient, helping increase reimbursements and better quantify improvements in resident satisfaction, therapy utilization, and profitability.


Prepare Your Facility for Audits

Therapy Center strives to be proactive with regulatory changes by providing each therapist with the education and knowledge necessary to maintain superior quality service. Our Director of Clinical and Regulatory Compliance stays abreast of changes in legislation, constantly providing clinicians with formal training to ensure our documentation and treatment practices are in sync with current regulations. We also provide continuing education and on-site management to facility staff, making sure we are addressing the regulatory requirements that impact patient care and facility reimbursement.


Provide Education and Training On-Site

Therapy Center believes in keeping nursing home personnel informed. Our Clinical and Regulatory Compliance Department conducts routine in-service training for your facility staff on vital industry changes, such as Medicare & Medicaid (MDS 3.0) and Resource Utilization Groups (RUGs IV). We also provide clinical audits to each of our nursing home clients to ensure that documentation is not only meeting but exceeding quality standards as outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


Enhance Clinical Outcomes

We are part of your interdisciplinary treatment team. We work closely with nursing and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) staff to ensure that each patient receives superior quality care, achieves the highest level of functional independence possible, and continues care after discharge. We screen every patient at minimum quarterly, and are available to meet for utilization reviews to provide critical therapy information and discuss patient screens, declines, or functional changes. We are committed to working closely with nurses and CNAs to develop interventions to positively impact these areas of concern.