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August 10, 2015

Employee Spotlight: Dodie Jones

Dodie Jones--employee spotlightTherapy Center recently received a letter of appreciation from a former patient of Valley View Health Care.  Mr. Rob Turner attributes his success and recovery to the therapy team at Valley View. 

Mr. Turner was admitted to Valley View on May 15, 2015 subsequent to successful L2-L3 spinal stenosis surgery by Dr. Ilyas Munshi at Lafayette General Hospital.  Post-surgery, he had no control or feeling in both legs.  When he began therapy at Valley View, he was confined to a wheel chair and had to make supervised wheel chair transfers on a board. 

After about eleven weeks of intense therapy by Therapy Center’s skilled and dedicated team, Mr. Turner is able to utilize a walker to get around and able to take steps without a walker for a short periods of time.  He wrote a special note about one particular therapist that helped him on the way to his recovery.

“There are some additional comments I would like to make regarding my therapy at Valley View Health Center.  I would be remiss if I did not include my interaction with the therapists and what I consider extra effort by Dodie Jones.

As time passed I feel like I became friends with all of the therapists.  We discussed various issues including therapy activities, family experiences, shared family photos, joked with each other, and other interpersonal issues.  Being in such a friendly atmosphere definitely contributed to me wanting to be in therapy and working towards everything I could do toward a recovery.

Just by nature of the therapy, I spent more one-on-one time with Dodie Jones.   My safety and recovery was obvious and ever present in her mind and behavior.  Ms. Jones improvised safe activities, like steps and leg squats, to simulate my home needs. Several times she commented that she had another idea during the night. She also introduced Electrical Muscle Stimulation therapy to first improve my thigh muscle tone and then to strengthen my left knee that was chronically “giving out” and folding when I was walking.  I do not know if the EMS therapy is a common treatment with most therapy activities, but it sure helped me.  Because of the results, I have purchased an EMS unit and am using it at home to continue the treatment.  Ms. Jones’ ideas and dedication certainly impacted my therapy.

Ms. Jones is definitely an asset to Therapy Center.”

If you would like to see more success stories from Therapy Center, please visit TheTherapyCenter‘s YouTube channel.

April 13, 2015

Therapy Center: Sam Barker’s Success Story

sam barker pic to useAfter multiple falls and an extended hospital stay, Sam Barker’s family made the decision to send him to Lake Charles Care Center for rehabilitation.  When Sam began his therapy there, he was in a wheelchair, unable to even stand on his own.  Through intense physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy with Therapy Center’s team of dedicated therapists, Sam began fighting his way back to the independence he enjoyed before his hospital stay.  Here is the story of Sam Barker, told by Sam Barker himself.

The road to recovery can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be travelled alone.  Therapy Center offers the best in rehabilitative services for long-term residents or patients needing short-term care after an illness or surgery.  To watch more stories like Sam Barker’s, visit the Therapy Center Success Story section of our blog.

April 9, 2014

Success Story: Bernice Gary

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After suffering a major heart attack last year, Bernice Gary spent over a month in the hospital, where her family said their last good byes. Upon transferring to an LTAC facility, she lost her will to fight and was declared “Failure to Thrive”.

“I’m so thankful and overwhelmed with the Maison Teche facility and staff and the amazing Therapy Center therapy team.” says Ms. Bernice’s son who’s been with her every step of the way, “They’ve given me my mother back and she’s actually sharper now than before she got sick.”

Ms. Bernice’s road to recovery began when her family sent her to Maison Teche Nursing Center for therapy. Upon arriving at Maison Teche, Ms. Bernice was in severe pain and required total care. Her team of therapists knew that they had a lot of work to do to get Ms. Gary back to the independence she had before her hospital stay, and they were up for the challenge! Through the support of her family and intense physical, occupational, and speech therapy, she regained full function. In January 2014, Ms. Bernice proudly walked the halls of Maison Teche for her therapy graduation ceremony before returning home!

The road to recovery can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be traveled alone. Therapy Center offers the best in rehabilitative services for long-term residents or patients needing short-term care after an illness or surgery. Contact Us today for more information.

March 20, 2014

Therapy Center’s Effect: SNF Contract Acquisition

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rachel-manuelAs a speech therapist, recruiter, and advocate of the Therapy Center, it is often times difficult to explain to skilled nursing facility owners and administrators how we differ from our competitors.  The most common feedback I hear from administrators is that “it’s all about rates”.  While rates are certainly important, the bottom line can be increased by partnering with the right therapy provider, as a business partner. Improving the consistency of full time therapy staff and empowering that staff with education on compliance and geriatric treatment strategies insure that results are delivered. 

I was reminded of the impact Therapy Center can have on a facility in a recent contract acquisition.  Our competitor was able to supply only 2 full time employees with the remainder of their staff consisting of a montage of part-time therapists and after-hours PRN.  Sound familiar? (You might want to take this quiz to see if you should be receiving better care from your current provider.) Given a 30 day notice, we were able to provide 6 full time employees, including 2 therapists who have worked with the Therapy Center prior to this acquisition. Our mentoring therapists gave the new team of therapists insight into the education and training we provide to ALL staff.  The increased therapy presence of a PT, PTA, OT, COTA, ST, and therapy tech drew attention from residents who began requesting therapy from the first day we arrived in teh facility. Administration within the facility, as well as the facility Medical Director also noted the marked increase in therapy presence at the end of week one.  While Therapy Center had received reports from therapists previously in the facility that Part B numbers were exhausted, we found that less than 15% of available Part B funds had been utilized in the first 10 months of the year.  The caseload from one discipline increased from 5 patients to 22 patients in the first 2 weeks. A majority of patients came from the dietary manager and patients themselves, resulting in positive screens.

Like any change, the transition is not simple. New systems and protocols are required in regards to technology and internal communication.  I regularly hear administrators from nursing homes express that things are “going ok” in the therapy department.  For those who have not experienced the education, compliance assistance, and consistency of staff afforded by a GREAT therapy company, it may seem that “ok” is good enough.  The Therapy Center’s focus has never been on making the lowest bid.  As a therapist-owned and managed company, our foundation has always been about empowering therapists with quality training on SNF regulations and providing direction through a management team, which is comprised of therapists skilled specifically in geriatric care. These qualities have been key to providing a successful therapy program to our SNF customers. 

Check out our success for yourself!

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October 16, 2013

Success Story: Lucy Leger

Ms. Lucy Leger became a short-term resident at Amelia Manor nursing home in January 2013. Following a 4 week hospitalization for a ruptured appendix and double pneumonia, Ms. Lucy was extremely weak and exhibiting numerous deficits upon arrival to Amelia Manor. She decided that a skilled nursing facility would be the best place for her recovery due to her condition upon discharge from the hospital and the fact that she needed to return home quickly to take care of her husband. Ms. Lucy received intense physical, occupational and speech therapy so that she could return to her independent lifestyle.

Please watch her story of recovery while she was in our care.


June 28, 2013

A Step Closer to Home: Marketing Boosts Census

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Increased scrutiny on inpatient rehabilitation and acute hospitals has left a large population of elderly patients with limited options for a successful and independent return to home. Therapy Center provides significant education and marketing to ensure that local physicians and hospitals are aware of the interim need that skilled nursing facilities can fulfill.

The secret to successful utilization of therapy in the SNF setting is obtaining a therapy census that will necessitate a full-time therapy team in your facility, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

At Therapy Center, we work with our partner facilities to determine top referring hospitals and physicians in order to tailor a marketing strategy that will help build and maintain a strong Part A census. Patients who possess the desire and potential to successfully return home are great candidates for a successful short-term rehab stay. There is no greater testament to the success of a SNF therapy program than a patient who has come into the facility unable to live independently and returned home to spread their success story to the community. These patients have a positive impact on RUG levels as well as facility morale and overall participation in therapy.

With the help of our partner facilities, Therapy Center has implemented private rooms, therapy gyms, the use of specialized equipment — including hydraulic standing frames, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and a variety of other treatment approaches, to maximize progress with therapy. In addition, our full-time therapy team is readily available to your patients all day.

Thus far, we have achieved as high as an 83% success rate in returning patients with a goal of going home, back to their residence. Because of our dynamic approach to rehabilitating geriatric patients, Therapy Center has received positive feedback from physicians, hospitals, families and discharge planners. We remain committed to providing exceptional care to our patients and thorough communication of patient progress to the appropriate referral sources.

Take a few minutes to watch this short video of one of our many success stories and contact Therapy Center to learn how our therapy program can benefit your nursing home or even help one of your loved ones return home successfully after a recent hospitalization.

May 2, 2013

Therapy Success Story: Mary Fontenot

Ms. Mary Fontenot became a short-term resident in Acadia St. Landry Guest Home to receive therapy services after several stays in acute care hospitals and long term acute care (LTAC) facilities. Arriving at the nursing home weak, unable to walk and ineffectively managing normal daily activities, Ms. Mary has now progressed to modified independent and can now return home to live with her husband.

Therapy services are available for long-term residents, as well as for patients in need of short-term care after an illness or surgery. All of our partner facilities are equipped with a skilled nursing unit to allow for more focused rehabilitation.